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Banned Breeds

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According to the Fair Housing Act, an assistance animal cannot be discriminated due to size, weight, or breed.

Based on our internal protocols, the mental health professional will consider if the animal in question is capable of performing the functions of an Emotional Support Animal. This involves assessing the temperament of the animal to determine if it meets the individual’s need for emotional support. Though mental health professionals are more than likely not trained or competent to directly assess animal temperaments, consideration of this factor via collateral information is nonetheless critical to ESA certification. This is particularly warranted because some animals simply do not match the purported role of an ESA well.

Note: Animals listed as “mixed breed” must be visually verified; for those appearing to be a banned breed, an assessment (as described above) may be required.

[Please upload a recent photo](//www.esadoggy.com/breed/) of the animal you’re qualifying with us.

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