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Would the housing provider know that I filed a fair housing complaint? I am afraid of the landlord retaliating or threatening me- am I protected?

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When you file a fair housing complaint and it is submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the housing provider would never know the complaint was filed- it is kept secret at first. If HUD believes you have a great case, they will require you to sign a finalized fair housing complaint about your approval.

At that point, HUD, backed by the Department of Justice, will serve your housing provider with official documents alleging violations of the Federal Fair Housing Act and require the housing provider respond to a number of questions and document requests within 10 days.

No housing provider wants to be served by a Federal agency alleging violations of federal law!

Along with the official notification, the housing provider is notified that there is a very serious “Anti Retaliation, Threatening, and Intimidation” law which prohibits them from interacting with you in any threatening way.

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