Illinois – Assistance and Service Animal Integrity Act (2019)

  1. Provides that a landlord who receives a request from a person to make an exception to the landlord’s policy prohibiting animals on the landlord’s property because the person requires the use of an assistance animal or service animal may require the person to produce reliable documentation of the disability and disability-related need for the animal, verified under penalty of perjury by the person, only if the disability or disability-related need is not readily apparent or known to the landlord.
  2. Provides that requests for an exception are allowed for only one animal unless the documentation specifically indicates more than one is required.
  3. Provides requirements for the documentation submitted to a landlord under the Act.
  4. Provides that the landlord may require recertification every six months.
  5. Provides that a landlord shall not be liable for injuries caused by a person’s assistance animal or service animal permitted on the landlord’s property. Amends the Criminal Code of 2012.
  6. Creates the criminal offenses of misrepresentation of entitlement to an assistance animal or service animal; misrepresentation of an animal as an assistance animal or service animal; misrepresentation of service animal training; and misrepresentation of a medical professional. Provides penalties for violations.

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