The following statutes comprise the state’s relevant assistance animal and guide dog laws.

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Colorado added a law on the intentional misrepresentation of an assistance animal that became effective on January 1, 2017. A person commits a class 2 petty offense is he or she intentionally misrepresents an assistance animal for the purpose of obtaining any of the rights or privileges set forth in state or federal law for an individual with a disability as a reasonable accommodation in housing. The person must have previously been given a written or verbal warning regarding the fact that it is illegal to intentionally misrepresent entitlement to an assistance animal. Additionally, the person must know that the animal is not an assistance animal or that person does not have a disability.

C.R.S.A. § 18-13-107.3.

In 2016, Colorado also created a pilot program for veterans to train their own service dogs. The program identifies a group of up to 10 veterans to pair with dogs. Qualified canine trainers will work with the veterans to use train the dogs for use as service dogs. The program will further offer those veterans who graduate from the program with a trained dog the opportunity and necessary follow-along services to expand the program, if willing, by identifying, fostering, and training a subsequent dog for another eligible veteran who is unable to complete one or more parts of the process due to physical limitations. Other sections of the article explain the criteria for selecting the non-profit agencies for implementation and the creation of a fund in the state treasury.

C.R.S.A. § 26-23-102