Attention Florida Residents.

Florida residents are subject to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing Act.

Florida Enacts Law To Combat Emotional Support Animal Fraud in Housing.

Florida's recently enacted SB 1084 combats emotional support animal housing fraud. We rise in the strongest support of this legislation.

Online Registries and Certifications Insufficient.

An emotional support animal registration of any kind, including an identification card, patch, certificate, or similar registration document, is no longer allowed. Mental health care providers must have personal knowledge of the resident’s disability and be acting within the scope of their practice.

Out-of-State Clinicians.

An out-of-state practitioner must have provided in-person care or services to the resident.

Potential Clinician Disciplinary Action.

Offering information about either a person’s disability or disability-related need for an emotional support animal, without personal knowledge, is grounds for disciplinary action.