North Dakota

The following statutes comprise the state’s relevant assistance animal and guide dog laws.

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To the law on providing disability documentation for service or assistance animal in rental dwelling, additional phrasing was added to this sentence:

Reliable supporting documentation may be provided by a physician or medical professional who does not operate in this state solely to provide certification for service or assistance animals.

NDCC 47-16-07.5

A new law following that section was also added in 2017:

§ 47–16–07.6. Service animals—Housing—Penalties for furnishing fraudulent disability documentation

1. An individual is guilty of an infraction if the individual, in an attempt to obtain a reasonable housing accommodation under section 47–16–07.5, knowingly makes a false claim of having a disability that requires the use of a service animal or assistance animal or knowingly provides fraudulent supporting documentation in connection with such a claim.

2. If the individual pleads guilty or is convicted of an offense under subsection 1, a lessor may evict a lessee and the lessor is entitled to a damage fee, not to exceed one thousand dollars, from a lessee if the lessee provides fraudulent disability documentation indicating a disability requiring the use of a service animal or assistance animal.