Helping You To Help Us

If you’ve decided to organize a stall or event to promote emotional support animals and the work of ESAD, whether at work, at school, or in your local area, then firstly – thank you! Let us give you a hand. We have a collection of eye-catching and informative leaflets that will help you strike up conversations and get people excited. With your passion, and our talented staff, you're onto a winner.

Did you know you can print your own leaflets? You can download the PDFs of all our flyers that are ready to go to a printer local to you, from the links below. Printing locally keeps the carbon footprint of your leaflets down, and helps us save on administration costs!

If this isn't possible for you, you can request a delivery of leaflets with the form below. We'll print and ship these flyers to you free of charge. Please ensure you submit your request at least six weeks before your event*, so that there is enough time for staff and volunteers to post them out. This time bracket accounts for correcting anything that goes wrong, so please do try and give us as much notice as possible.

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