Are you legitimate is one of the more common questions we answer, often asked by frustrated visitors who muddled thru the online riff-raff.

Honestly, that’s a very legitimate (pun!) question, as most (nearly all) of the vendors in this space, are guilty of being, well, ethically flexible at best.

Not one flaming customer review

You’d think, if we were sketchy, after 4+ years, there’d be one bad BBB review, a flaming Yelp comment, or the like.

And, well, there is a 1-star review … not from a client, but from a Canadian mystery shopper who wasn’t happy that we’d not violate our protocols to suit her needs … sorry, but when it comes to maintaining client confidentiality, we won’t budge.

Also, it’s US law.

Real reviews from real people

But we left that review up online, for all to see, warts and all. Our reviews are genuine and not hand-tooled. Real reviews from real people.

In the end, we do everything by the book.


Everything by the book

And that’s we started ESADoggy. That’s why our ethics and ethos are top-center on our website. Proudly shown on every page. We want everyone to know how we do business – the why we do what we do.

We could easily dominate this business … if we chose to be ethically flexible … if we conducted ourselves without the highest regard .. if we put profit over client care. We’d be like nearly everyone else in this space.