ESADoggy Emotional Support Animal Letters

Emotional support animal letters are not all the same.

A bogus letter will waste your time and money, and possibly cause embarrassment while keeping you from the proven benefits of animal companionship. There's also the distinct possibly you'll be denied a reasonable accommodation.

ESADoggy Emotional Support Animal Letters

  • Live therapeutic assessment via telephone or video call
  • Letter is issued by a licensed mental health care therapist
  • Letter is hand-signed and not form-generated (typically required by housing providers)
  • Therapist is located in your city, state, or province
  • Contains every written element and requirement demanded under federal law
  • Master-crafted by fair housing and air travel experts
  • Our ESA travel letters have never been rejected by any airline
  • Client's successful federal housing discrimination case used our letter and information as evidence
  • Vetted by legal counsel
  • Not based upon an "Internet template"
  • Regularly updated
  • Fully complies will all recent changes to federal law and guidelines
  • JetBlue requires a hard copy of the letter, please allow five business days for mailing.

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ESA Letters in 2018

In 2018, property owners, their lawyers, and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are scrutinizing ESA letters to ensure their legitimacy -- which we refer to as the "reliability of the document."

So, what makes an emotional support letter reliable?

  • Issued by a licensed therapist fully accredited in your state who was in a "position to know" (subject matter expertise and credentials)
  • Multiple therapeutic sessions - building a relationship between client and therapist
  • Contains every single element required by Federal law
  • Verifies FHAct's definition of disability
  • Documents the disability-related need for an emotional support animal
  • Has to request an accommodation that is both necessary and reasonable