Why Our Letters Are Better

Emotional support animal letters are not all the same. 

A bogus letter will waste your time and money, and possibly cause embarrassment while keeping you from the proven benefits of animal companionship. There's also the distinct possibly you'll be denied a reasonable accommodation.

[Visit our bad letter library and see for yourself.]

As you might imagine, many of our clients already suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression -- now imagine being turned away from housing or air travel because of a bogus letter.

Why Do Business With Us

So then, why do business with ESADoggy?

  1. Our letters are adaptive, meaning they’re ever-changing to the constantly-evolving ESA landscape (aka peacock on the airplane)
  2. Our letters have been handcrafted from the ground up
  3. They contain every single element required by Federal guidelines and have been reviewed/vetted by our lawyers
  4. We retain the services of a federal fair housing law expert
  5. We use cutting-edge technology that robustly guards and secures your health and credit card information

ESADoggy doesn't sell vests, leashes, and worthless certificates. Rather, we help our clients live a better life, while holding ourselves to the highest ethical and business standards.

Things are different in 2018

Listen to Chaz Stevens, CEO explain the possible upcoming changes in the ESA landscape -- aka the peacock on the airline tax.

In 2018, property owners, their lawyers, and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are scrutinizing ESA letters to ensure their legitimacy -- which we refer to as the "reliability of the document."

So, what makes an emotional support letter reliable?

  • Issued by a licensed therapist fully accredited in your state who was in a "position to know" (subject matter expertise and credentials)
  • Multiple therapeutic sessions - building a relationship between client and therapist
  • Contains every single element required by Federal law
  • Verifies FHAct's definition of disability
  • Documents the disability-related need for an emotional support animal
  • Has to request an accommodation that is both necessary and reasonable

Besides all that, what makes an ESADoggy emotional support letter even more "reliable"?

  • There's an excellent chance we'll have a therapist in your local area, sometimes in your very neighborhood
  • Reviewed and kept current by competent fair housing experts and legal counsel knowledgeable and current in the changing regulatory environment
  • HIPAA certified to protect your private information
  • Secure to protect your payment information
  • Complies with all requirements, existing and projected