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To install the latest ESAD Template Library

  • Delete any older versions of our template library.
  • Complete the form below, and we’ll provide you a link to download our template library (
  • Please save that file to your computer.
  • Extract the contents of that file ( into a folder you designate.

Template library contents

ESA letter template

  • Housing.docx
  • Travel.docx
  • Military Pain Housing.docx
  • Blank Envelope.docx


  1. All four documents need to be edited before use, you will need to update your contact / licensure information.
  2. If you cut and paste text, make sure ALL FORMATTING matches the original document (font face, color, and size). Pay close attention to extra needless spaces. These two items are sometimes red flags to HOAs looking to deny reasonable accommodations – aka letter mill letters.
  3. Before saving your ESA letter, make sure you have removed any yellow highlighting (CRTL-A to select all text, then select the highlighting tool from the ribbon bar and select “no color”).

We’ve included sample completed ESA letters (Sample Completed ESA Letters.pdf) for your review.

Blank airline forms

  • BlankAmericanAirlinesTravelForm.pdf
  • BlankDeltaAirlinesTravelForm.pdf
  • BlankHawaiianAirlinesTravelForm.pdf
  • BlankUnitedAirlineTravelForm.pdf
  • SampleCompletedESALetters.pdf

Training Docs

  • ESADoggy-Bill-Of-Rights.pdf
  • ESADoggy-Training-MajorLifeActivities.pdf

When performing an assessment, we’ve capture a list of typical functional limitations we’ve encountered. Please review ESADoggy-Training-MajorLifeActivities.pdf for more information.

New guidance: two ESAs

We’ve adjusted our guidance regarding clients requesting two (2) ESAs. Our internal review indicates this area is ripe with fraud — usually clients looking to circumvent pet fees. To protect yourself, as you do your assessment, allow the client to describe their needs for two animals. Let them tell you why, don’t give them a helping hand.

We find the following scenarios are acceptable for two ESAs.

  1. One stays animal stay homes, one goes with the handler
    Fluffy helps client sleep, Fido goes on walks and acts as a social ice-breaker.
  2. One animal does a task, one animal does support
    Fluffy wakes me from my night terror, Fido helps me with my eating problem (he gets a treat and reminds me to eat)
  3. If animals are brothers/sisters from the same litter
    Separating Fluffy and Fido would be traumatic

If a client presses for the second ESA, investigate the possibility the client’s housing situation — does the provider allow for one pet? If so, qualify one ESA and tell the client to bring the other animal in via the pet rules.

In the end, it’s your decision to qualify more than one ESA. We recommend moving forward you proceed with caution. If you say no, we’ll never question your decision.

Multiple ESAs

If you approve an additional ESA, we no longer offer “two ESAs in one letter.” From this point forward, you’ll now create a second letter. After you write the first letter, merely save a duplicate copy, altering the justification for the second ESA.

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