Florida legislature to define and tighten emotional support animal laws

Chaz Stevens, Director of People / Chief Dog Lover of ESAD Int’l., said that getting a proper mental health evaluation should not be an option for anyone who wants to own their ESA legitimately.

ESAD Int’l is a company of licensed mental health counselors that provide emotional support animal services through online and in-person sessions.

“This is full-on mental health care,” Stevens said. “You should be spending a couple hours — two to three hours — with a licensed clinician talking about whatever issues you are managing. You think that costs $40? Do you think that’s something you can get the same day? No, it’s not. It’s a serious process, not just registering a pet.”

In a press release, Stevens supported prior attempts to restrict ESA and service animal laws in Florida. He has registered multiple bizarre and diverse types of organisms as ESAs to prove a point.

“I registered Muffin Top, my 11-ton African elephant,” Stevens said. “I registered Harry Henderson, which is basically Bigfoot; Odin, the Norse god of war; and I took a picture of my cactus plant and registered it as Freddy, my emotional support cactus.”

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