Pet Bereavement Counseling, Pet Loss

The heart knows no difference between losing an animal companion and losing a human loved one. There are many resources for people suffering from pet loss bereavement.

When your furry friend crosses the rainbow bridge, the experience can be harrowing. Given the close bonds developed with the family pet, owners may encounter intense grief that not everyone will fully understand.

We’ve been there ourselves, and I wish that upon no one.

Pet bereavement counseling

Finding comforts in those times can be difficult, and it’s with some relief for those clients who find counseling helpful.

However, other grief experiences can be significantly more painful, and at times debilitating.

If any of the following indicators sound familiar, you might consider engaging a licensed mental health professional.

Your daily life is affected

If your feelings of loss and grief cause you to feel disinterested or distracted in activities you usually enjoy, maybe your work is being impacted, and if this is the case, then consider seeking the help of a therapist.

Pet bereavement counseling can help you work through the loss of your pet.

Bereavement counseling for loss of pet

Sometimes, our emotional state affects our physical wellbeing. If you’ve gone through physical changes, such as:

  • weight loss or weight gain
  • chronic headaches
  • stomachaches
  • trouble sleeping

then you might be a good candidate for pet bereavement therapy, where you might find the find tools to begin feeling better—both emotionally and physically.

Withdrawing from relationships

Are you pulling back from relationships with loved ones? Family and friends expressing concern? These might be red flags, indicating possible isolation, and you should consider seeking the help of a professional pet loss counselor.

Courage to try new behaviors.

Seeking therapy can be a source of support, comfort, and even inspiration. Even if you have good support in your life, the loss of a pet can exhaust your energies and make you feel isolated. It may be hard to see beyond the current painful time, or imagine things can feel different.

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