Pet Loss Grief Counseling

Losing a furry friend or caring for one suffering from a terminal illness can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, loneliness, and isolation.

If you’re suffering from the gut wrenching pain or have lost yourself to the devastation of compassion fatigue, our programs offer you the tools you’ll need to restore your sense of inner peace by helping to normalize your feelings.

Benefits of counseling.

  • You’ll finally be able to focus again.
  • Without forgetting your furry baby, you’re motivated to reach a point where you can reminisce over good memories.  You’ll be able to swap negative emotions with happy, sustainable thoughts.
  • With no set schedule, you can go at your own pace, grieving in your own way, on your own clock.
  • We can help if you are completely devastated or in need of support
  • Our grief therapists will work with you through each phase, offering advice on how to work thru issues that may pop up along the way.

While going through the grieving process, the loss of your pet is often on the forefront of your thoughts.  Over time, you’ll realize that your personal and professional lives will go on.

Recognizing depression and getting help.

Seek professional help if you need it. If your grief is persistent and interferes with your ability to function, our therapists can evaluate you for depression.

Pet grief support begins when you:

  • Received devastating news that your beloved animal is terminally ill.
  • Are faced with decisions – confusing and tough decisions, end of life decisions.
  • Find it hard to understand your life without that warm, furry bundle of joy.
  • Are at a loss as to what to do next after your pet dies.

Courage to try new behaviors.

Seeking therapy can be a source of support, comfort, and even inspiration. Even if you have good support in your life, the loss of a pet can exhaust your energies and make you feel isolated. It may be hard to see beyond the current painful time, or imagine things can feel different.

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