[PRESS RELEASE] CEO Chaz Stevens Rises In Support of Missouri’s Proposed Law To Curb The Proliferation Of Fake Emotional Support Animals

Looks like the Show Me State needs to see legitimate emotional support animal documentation. – Chaz Stevens, ESAD Int’l Founder & CEO

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 22, 2022 – Missouri is soon to join an ever-growing list of local, state, and Federal governments seeking to limit the rampant fraud of internet vendors peddling bogus assistance animal documentation.

Members of the Missouri House recently voted 137-6 to send Gov. Mike Parson a proposed law designed to combat fake emotional support animals. Under Senate Bill 644, it will be a misdemeanor crime to “knowingly misrepresenting any animal as an assistance animal, as described in the act, for the purposes of receiving accommodations regarding assistance animals under the Fair Housing Act or the Rehabilitation Act.”

“It’s bogus,” said Chaz Stevens, founder of ESAD Int’l. “I was able to ‘register’ an emotional support cactus. Like Illinois last year, I’m happy to see Missouri move forward. We’re ready to rise in support of any reasonable legislation that follows suit.”

Since 2015, Stevens’ Boca Raton, FL-based ESAD Int’l has been connecting clients with licensed clinicians who provide animal-assisted therapy.

“HUD’s recent updated animal assistance guidance, FHEO 2020, provides a solid framework for both consumers and housing providers. On the clinical side, Dr. Jeffrey Younggren’s whitepaper is an excellent standard and comprehensive model for mental health professionals. When matched together, all interested parties should gain confidence with the process. In the end, it’s about helping those truly in need, while weeding out the ethically flexible.”

“This is a great first step for the public at large.”

ESAD Int’l strongly suggests that clients do not seek counseling or assessment for the sole purpose of obtaining an ESA recommendation letter.

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Across North America, Europe, and Asia, ESAD’s team of licensed local mental health counselors provide emotional support animal services thru online and in-person sessions.

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