Three Easy Steps

1: Place order.

Order online 24 hours / 7 days a week. Ordering is simple and easy, and we accept all credit cards and Paypal. ESAD employs cutting-edge technology, proteced by Symantec,  ensuring your information is kept confidential and safe.


2: Take online exam.

We’re going to need to know a few things about you before connecting you with a licensed mental health professional. We’ll ask questions about your lifestyle and mental health history. Our exam is fully compliant with US law (HIPAA).

3: Speak with clinician.

Connected with a licensed mental health professionals to start your assessment. It’s just like going to the doctor, without the hassle of going to the doctor. Coast to coast, in Canada, and across the globe, we're ready to go.


Additional information

We empathize with those who suffer from mental or emotional disabilities, and truly understand the daily difficulties of their life. While some of us recover using medication, many would prefer to use alternative therapies.

And that’s where an Emotional Support Animal, or ESA, through its affection and companionship, can help to relieve the symptoms associated with emotional disabilities.

An Emotional Support Animal Recommendation is a letter from a physician or Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Per Federal Law, this letter is the only requirement for your cat or dog to be an Emotional Support Animal.

America’s #1 ESA Letter.

Enjoy 1,000 therapists across the globe.

Housing Letters

At ESAD, not only will you receive our perfected ESA letter, you'll have access to our fair housing expert who'll make this process as smooth-sailing as possible.

Travel Letters

Since 2015, thanks to our rigid protocols and adherence to the strictest ethics in the business, we’ve never had a single travel letter rejected.

How long does it take?

Orders are typically fulfilled in five business days. Expedited service is available (additional fees will apply).

Avoid Scams.

Please be VERY CAUTIOUS about most online vendors, as they will NOT have in-state therapists issuing ESA letters. Due to increased landlord and airline scrutiny, you run a great risk of being denied accommodation, which is obviously a worst-case scenario.