How This Works

Our letters are contain every element required by law and are fully compatible with the latest Federal and air carrier guidelines. 

The Assessment Process

Typically, this entire process takes five to ten business days to complete.

1. Purchase your assessment.

2. Complete our online HIPAA-compliant mental health intake exam.

3. You'll be assigned a licensed mental health professional from your local area/state.

4. You will receive an email enrollment invitation.

If you've not received the invitation within a few hours after completing your assessment, make sure to check your spam folder.

5. You'll schedule a convenient time for your first e-therapy (telephone or video call) session. There is no need for an in-person visit.

6.  You'll discuss your disability and disability-related need for an emotional support animal. Depending on the package purchased, you'll also schedule additional therapeutic sessions.

7. If your therapist determines an emotional support animal is necessary to ameliorate the symptoms of your disability, a letter of recommendation will be securely delivered electronically and via US Regular Mail.

HIPAA Compliance

In 1996, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was created as an effort to protect patients' healthcare information from data theft and unwanted disclosure.

All electronic communications with our clients is done via our secure HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.

Federal privacy guidelines require these discussions to remain strictly confidential. Your therapist will never share that information with anyone without your express, written consent.


Five to ten days? Why does it take so long?

We're connecting you with an actual practicing licensed mental health care professional. Sometimes, it takes time for you to get on their schedule.

Ever try to see your family doctor the same afternoon?

If you're looking for an instant letter, make sure to review our blacklist!

What about my ESA goat?

We only prescribe dogs and cats as emotional support animals.