Signed Airline Form (Bundled)

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This product is for the frequent traveler.

Most major US airlines now require mental health care providers to certify the passenger is currently undergoing professional care for ongoing treatment regarding a mental health-related disability. To ethically comply with airline regulations, the client/passenger must have engaged in a therapeutic session within the last 30 days.

Should the airline call (requires a signed protected health information release), our therapists can confirm the traveling passenger is under their care and treatment.

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian
  • Jet Blue
  • Southwest
  • Spirit
  • United


These airline travel forms require the purchase (within the last 365 days) of an ESAD emotional support animal travel assessment.


  • Bundled airline travel forms and sessions are valid for one year from date of purchase.
  • Airline rules are subject to change. Please call your airline to verify requirements.