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  • ESA NYC Workplace Letter

    Letters With Integrity

    New York City’s Human Rights law is interpreted exceptionally broadly and covers protection for persons with a need for emotional support animals. Therefore, New York City employers must accommodate emotional support animals whenever it is a “reasonable accommodation.” Under a recent amendment, New York’s Human Rights Law applies to all employers with at least one employee.

    ESA California Workplace Letter

    A reasonable accommodation includes any appropriate measure that would allow an employee with a disability to perform the essential job functions. California regulations include permitting job applicants or employees to bring emotional support animals to the worksite as a specific example of a possible reasonable accommodation. (California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Division 4.1, Subchapter 2, Article 9, Section 11065(p)(2)(B))

    Governed by California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, job applicants and employees are protected from workplace discrimination due to a mental or physical disorder that is disabling, potentially disabling, or perceived to be either.

    The act requires employers to work with employees to accommodate their disabilities in reasonable ways, including making accommodations for employees with emotional support animals; for instance, waiving the employer’s usual rules about not bringing dogs to work.

    The Rules

    California employers can require the following from “workplace” emotional support animals:

    • free from offensive odors.
    • displays habits appropriate to the workplace (potty-trained).
    • do not endanger the safety or health of others.

    Proof of Disability

    Individuals with a documented “disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal must:

    • be limited in the major life activity of working.
    • limited in performing the requirements of a single, particular job.

    This service includes:

    • comprehensive mental health intake with a local, licensed California mental health care professional
    • California workplace emotional support animal letter of recommendation

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