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People who have a qualified reason to file a fair housing complaint against their landlord often don’t take action because they incorrectly believe they must hire an attorney to protect their housing rights. This was never true. The truth is the US Department of HUD designed the fair housing complaint process to work outside of the court system- it is a federal administrative process. So, no attorneys are required.

Sounds great so far, right?

Well as a result, very few understand the fair housing complaint process. How many have ever successfully filed a fair housing complaint? Who knows how to write the complaint, so HUD accepts your complaint for investigation?

Fortunately, our Complaint Builder service helps fill in this experience gap.

Do you have a claim?

First, do you believe you were discriminated against? Just because you’re “sure something is wrong” doesn’t guarantee HUD will investigate your complaint let alone grant you an accommodation or even damages. Our Free Analysis service provides solid educational information regarding a discrimination claim qualification.

What’s the next step?

ESAD provides an landlord denial mitigation service for those who want educational guidance crafting a response letter. We’ll provide you with crucial tips, pointers, as well as don’t and do’s.

Filing a fair housing discrimination complaint.

Your fair housing discrimination complaint needs to be well-received and investigated — with the hope of ultimately resulting in pressure being applied to your landlord.

We can’t write the complaint for you, but we give you the tools that give you an edge.

Our Complaint Builder took years to develop.

When you’re ready to take action against your landlord, consider using Complaint Builder; an online application that incorporates our wealth of knowledge we’ve developed over the years (our experts have successfully filed hundreds of fair housing complaints).

How this works.

  1. Place an order.
  2. You’ll complete our Free Analysis Assessment (will require 5 minutes of your time).
  3. Using our Complaint Builder, you’ll create an electronic copy of your preliminary HUD complaint (up to 30 minutes). You can save your work in progress and return back to it as needed.
  4. Members of our Fair Housing Team will review your documentation.
  5. Within a few hours, you’ll receive an email containing examples, tips, and tricks specific to situations similar to yours. We’ll also include filing directions.
  6. If you choose, you can update your complaint and then file it with HUD.

With our strict privacy guidelines, you can rest assured knowing we’ll never lease, rent or sell your confidential information.


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