Education & Outreach (Exotic Animals)



Eduction and Outreach (Exotic Animals) arose from discussions with clients who needed our expert assistance getting their non-dog/cat approved as an ESA. You’ll spend an hour on the phone with our team reviewing your situation, documents, and receiving specific (non-legal) recommendations.

Topics include:

  • Vetting your situation
  • Anticipating the housing provider challenges to your exotic animal accommodation request
  • Helping you prepare responses, defenses, paperwork, documents, and narrative
  • Providing a success forecast, gauging the reasonability of your accommodation request

You’ll also received an action summary report that can be used to develop a finely-tuned emotional support animal letter.

This is not a legal service. We are not lawyers, but we offer education, consulting, and documents that meet the requirements of the law regarding emotional support animals. We cannot and will not provide legal advice. We recommend that you always consult with a licensed attorney.

Getting a genuine ESA letter is simple! Place an order, take an exam, and speak with a local clinician.

Enjoy same day and Saturday service and amazing client care.

Each clinical team member has received extensive ESA training and offers clients emotional support animal letters for housing and travel, full therapeutic care, and face-to-face sessions.