Housing (US)


If you have an emotional or mental disability and your pet brings you comfort and a new lease on life, then you may be entitled to housing in “no pets” policy buildings. You are also, by law, not required to pay any extra fees for your ESA or have a weight or breed restriction imposed on you.

Only one emotional support animal is included. If you require a second assistance animal, an additional fee will apply. See below for more details.

Many landlords now require a “therapeutic relationship” between client and clinician.  This service, when purchased alone, does not constitute such a relationship.  Sessions can be added after purchase.

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If you are qualifying a banned breed, you must select the option below, as an additional assessment is required.

The assessment

  • Live therapeutic assessment via telephone or video call
  • Letter is issued by a licensed mental health care therapist on their letterhead
  • Letter is hand-signed and not form-generated (typically required by housing providers)
  • Therapist is located in your city/state
  • Not based upon an "Internet template"
  • Regularly updated

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