ESA Housing Assessment (US)


If you have an emotional or mental disability and your pet brings you comfort and a new lease on life, then you may be entitled to housing in “no pets” policy buildings. You are also, by law, not required to pay any extra fees for your ESA or have a weight or breed restriction imposed on you.

Animal allowed in no-pets-allowed policy with pet-rules (fees, deposits) waived.

Please be VERY CAUTIOUS about most online vendors, as they will NOT have in-state therapists issuing ESA housing letters. Due to increased landlord scrutiny, you run a great risk of being denied accommodation, which is obviously a worst-case scenario.

The assessment

Via a telephone or video call, a licensed therapist located in your city or state will perform a mental health assessment.

Conveniently scheduled, the assessment is typically completed within an hour.

At the assessment’s completion, you’ll be informed of the therapist’s decision to recommend an emotional support animal for your treatment.

The emotional support animal housing letter entitles you to qualify for no-pet housing. Housing providers (apartments, condos, and HOAs) must waive their pet rules, deposits, and fees.

  • Live therapeutic assessment via telephone or video call
  • Letter is issued by a licensed mental health care therapist on their letterhead
  • Letter is hand-signed and not form-generated (typically required by housing providers)
  • Therapist is located in your province
  • Not based upon an "Internet template"
  • Regularly updated

Add-on: Reasonable Accommodation Form

The Fair Housing Act requires landlords to grant tenants and prospective tenants reasonable accommodations if needed for a emotional disability. If you’re considering asking for an accommodation, here’s what you need to know.

Add-on: College/University Dormitory Verification Form

By purchasing this service, a licensed mental health care provider assigned to your file, along with our fair housing expert, will complete your college-provided reasonable accommodation form. Once done, the therapist will provide you with electronic and hard copy versions of the signed form. Click here to learn more.

Add-on: Landlord Phone Verification Service

If a housing provider calls to verify your letter/therapist’s credentials, please select this option. Please note a signed HIPAA waiver is required before we can discuss your protected health information (PHI) with a third party. This service can be ordered at anytime and is subject to our cancellation and refund policy.

Add-on: Therapeutic Care

Property owners are now closely scrutinizing emotional support animal letters, investigating the client/therapist relationship. Emotional support animal letters are now denied due to a lack of a therapeutic relationship.

Our assessment letters, without sessions, do not ethically constitute a therapeutic relationship. To combat this increased scrutiny, we highly recommend purchasing these sessions. Click here to learn more.

Add-on: Banned Breeds

While local laws may try and enforce breed-specific legislation laws, according to HUD, “[b]reed, size, and weight limitations may not be applied to an assistance animal.” For example, if a dog has been previously declared a dangerous dog, this may indicate that the dog poses a direct threat in an individualized assessment. However, breed alone will not result in this determination. Additional need assessment is required for banned breeds.