Assessment & Sessions (Housing & Travel – Includes Two Letters & 30-Minute Psychotherapy Session – Canada)

SKU: ES-0059


This package includes the needs assessment for an emotional support animal letter and a 30-minute talk-therapy session with a licensed mental health care provider.

In addition, Canadian airlines now require mental health care providers to certify the passenger is currently undergoing professional care for ongoing treatment regarding a mental health-related disability.

This requirement is much more than just “signing a form,” as you must be currently under the care of a licensed mental health care provider. US airlines have mandated this requirement. The assessment and session will typically last 40-50 minutes, and can be one in one appointment.

Those that qualify will receive two documents.

  • ESA housing letter
  • ESA travel letter
  • Signed airline form indicating passenger/client is under the clinician’s care
  • Only two signed airline forms per order.  Additional forms are available (certain fees will apply).

Impress your landlord by upgrading to our extensive network of doctoral-level providers, including PhDs, psychologists, psychiatrists and MDs. Limited service area. Available only in the US.

Our exclusive hotel travel letter — for those travelers needing hotel accommodations with their assistance animal. $189 if purchased alone.

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For those clients qualifying a second assistance animal.

For those clients qualifying a banned breed.

Our in-house fair housing expert will accurately complete your landlord’s form.

This service must be purchased in order for our therapist to verify an ESA letter when a third-party service contacts us (housing provider, airline, third-party verification service). We abide by strict US and Canadian privacy laws.

Request license verification/certification. A license is a state’s grant of legal authority to practice a profession within a designated scope of practice.

Getting a genuine ESA letter is simple! Place an order, take an exam, and speak with a local clinician.

Enjoy same day and Saturday service and amazing client care.

Each clinical team member has received extensive ESA training and offers clients emotional support animal letters for housing and travel, full therapeutic care, and face-to-face sessions.