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ESA Pro 2022 includes screening, phone or video therapist consultation to verify your disability-related need for an Emotional Support Animal, treatment planning, documentation, and fast, free download – everything involved in getting an ESA letter out to you.

Every order comes with an ESA or PSD ID card, collar tag, and leash.

Available for dogs, cats, and other common household pets. There are no breed, size, or weight restrictions.

College students seeking on-campus housing accommodations should click here.

Be sure to check out ESA Housing Letter Max, our discounted bundled package. Upgrades for this order include same day appointments and letters, two easy payments, and ID cards. Before placing an order, please verify that we have active clinical coverage in your state/province.

We’ll Keep You From Running Into Problems.

Our extensive network of licensed, accredited, and truly exceptional clinicians use animal-assisted therapy to help you deal with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and more. Our 2021 State Of The Assistance Animal Business article highlights what’s good, and what’s not so good, in the industry.

The services below (except ESAGuard) can be purchased now or within 30 days of placing an order.

Travel Letter

Travel letter.

For air travel.

Reasonable Accommodation Form.

Completion of landlord specific documentation.

Letter verification with a third-party.

Very strict protected health information disclosure guidelines apply.

Additional ESA verification.

For tenants with a second assistance animal.

ESAGuard Letter Protection™.

Our 100% guarantee. Protect your investment.

Additional therapy sessions (recommended).

Purchase additional 30-minute talk therapy sessions.


Your fee includes clinical care, assessment, and approval recommendation for those who have a legitimate disability-related need for an assistance animal.

Documents are issued on the clinician’s letterhead (who is based and practicing in your state/province) and include licensing details and information for further correspondence.


An Emotional Support Animal is a type of assistance animal that is recognized as a “reasonable accommodation” for a person with a disability under the U.S. Fair Housing Act, and is a companion animal that provides therapeutic benefit to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability.

Disability in this case, according to the Fair Housing Act, is a functional limitation that’s causing “a significant impact on a major life activity.” PTSD, stress, anxiety, etc. are not disabilities. Instead, we assessing functional limitations such as sleep, concentration, focus, and social interaction.

For instance, "John Doe suffers from General Anxiety Disorder, causing him significant impacts on his sleeping. Thankfully, John's emotional bond with Scooby Doo helps ameliorate John's anxiety, and by lowering the anxiety, John can sleep better.  Conversely, no dog in the mix, John's anxiety increases, along with his sleep problems."

Learn if you pre-qualify.

ESA Housing Letters

Letters are issued on the clinician’s letterhead and include licensing details and information for further correspondence if required. Your clinician will be based, licensed, and practicing in your state/province. Open to US-residents and Canadian snowbirds only.

  • Each approved assistance animal will receive a letter of recommendation.
  • Maximum two animals per customer.
  • Common household pets only, no reptiles.
  • Delivered via secured HIPAA-compliant download (PDF).

Documents will indicate:

  • Client's disability and disability-related need for the assistance animal.
  • How the assistance animal ameliorates the client's disability.
  • Which major life activities are significantly impacted.
  • What reasonable accommodation request the client is seeking.

If you've not yet secured your assistance animal, but need documentation beforehand, not a problem, we've got you covered.

Your College Emotional Support Animal

Although many schools have relaxed policies on pet bans in recent years, many remain adamant about allowing students to bring animals on campus. Contrast to those in the mental health care business who have been advocating for the benefits provided by your Emotional Support Animal.

To comply with legal, ethical, or housing provider guidelines, college students seeking on-campus housing accommodations are required to purchase two additional session ($199). For further information about our college housing product, please click here.

California and DC Residents

To comply with your state law, the purchase of one additional session is required.

Additionally, California residents must want until the completion of the second session (30 days) until the issuance of the documentation.

Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana Residents

To comply with your state law, the purchase of two additional sessions is required.


If an "ongoing treating relationship" or stated diagnosis, the purchase of one additional session is required.

For adults only.
Emotional support animals are not service animals.


Note: Sample shown above may not represent our final work product. Documents are subject to change without notice.

For US residents and Canadian snowbird adults only.