Form (Reasonable Accommodation) and Continuity of Care (30m session)


$218 USD

Due to ethical, auditing, and liability concerns, a reasonable accommodation form must be completed within 30 days of an assessment. Individuals requiring a completed form outside of the 30-day assessment window must also purchase a 30-minute talk therapy session to establish continuity of care and a minimal standard for the prevention of suicide and self-injury.

There are no exceptions.

This product contains two (2) items:

  • Reasonable accommodation form completion
  • 30-minute talk therapy session

Need to schedule a quicker appointment?

Certain restrictions apply.

Extended Duration ESA housing letter.

Updated industry guidelines normally specify housing assessment letters need to be renewed every six months. This service extends the letter’s duration to 365 days once issued.

Client is under 18 years of age.

If the client is a minor, a special assessment is required.

Does your landlord have a form to complete?

Certain restrictions apply.

Will you be staying in a hotel?

Our exclusive hotel travel letter — for those travelers needing hotel accommodations with their assistance animal. $189 if purchased alone.

For clients seeking both housing & travel letters.

Include travel assessment (letter, forms) & 30-minute talk therapy session.

Do you have an second animal that needs to be qualified?

For those clients qualifying a second assistance animal.

Banned Breed Needs Assessment.

Includes pit bull, rottweiler, GSD, husky, and others.

For those times when the landlord/airline calls us.

Certain restrictions apply. Complies with US HIPAA guidelines.

Hello Life ESA ID Kit.

Includes our exclusive ESAGuard letter protection, dog leash, ID card, dog tag, and certificate. You must have been ESA approved by us. Free shipping.