Assessment & Sessions (Enhanced Housing Requirements)

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Have you heard of an emotional support turkey? How about an emotional support monkey or pig? Across the US, roughly 30 states have enacted laws to crack down on fraud when it comes to helping people who really need it.

A sample of the new laws enacted make the following a crime:

  • Misrepresenting the need for an assistance animal
  • Placing an ID card or harness on a pet and claiming it to be an assistance animal

Health service providers:

  • Can no longer issue letters in exchange for a fee while providing no additional service to the client
  • Must be in a position to know of the client’s condition to provide a reliable verification

ESA Housing Letter

If you have an emotional or mental disability and your pet brings you comfort and a new lease on life, then you may be entitled to housing in “no pets” policy buildings.

This service is provided by a ESAD-certified mental health care professional offering animal-assisted therapy to those genuinely in need.



ESA documentation is provided after completion of the final session. This entire process typically takes 14-21 (two to three calendar weeks) business days to complete. Expedited processing may be available (additional fees will apply).

How this works

Take a moment to learn how our ESA approval process works, who is approved, and how long it takes. While you’re at it, take a look at our amazing reviews and our perfected ESA letter.

Only one emotional support animal is included. If you require a second assistance animal, an additional fee will apply. If you are qualifying a banned breed, you must select the option below, as an expanded assessment is required.

Requires multiple appointments

Due to the nature of this service, a minimum of three forty-five minute clinical sessions is required. During the first appointment, a clinical assessment is performed, evaluating the client’s need for the assistance animal. Those who do not qualify are entitled to a refund.

Getting a genuine ESA letter is simple! Place an order, take an exam, and speak with a local clinician.

Enjoy same day and Saturday service and amazing client care.

Each clinical team member has received extensive ESA training and offers clients emotional support animal letters for housing and travel, full therapeutic care, and face-to-face sessions.