Housing Pro 2020 ™ Premium Edition

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Just provide an overview of your mental and medical health history and we’ll setup an appointment with a licensed professional. Over secure video, you’ll be assessed for your “disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal.”

Enjoy Extended Protection

You’ll also engage in two video-based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy sessions, where a licensed professional will gain “personal client knowledge” and start an “ongoing treating relationship.” This protocol fully complies with US Housing and Urban Development’s recently updated Fair Housing guidance.

Required by law for Missouri, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana residents.
Strongly recommended for Florida and California residents.

Qualifying clients

Those who qualify receive a customized emotional support animal housing letter of recommendation allowing them to:

  • Bring their animal into any kind of housing, even those with “no pets” policies.
  • Not required to pay any extra fees for an assistance animal.
  • No breed, size, or weight restriction can be imposed.
  • Your dog or cat is qualified as an emotional support animal, not a service animal.

What’s included

Your fee includes provider copay, clinical evaluation, and approval recommendation for an emotional support animal housing letter.

Our providers (includes doctoral level team members) are licensed, reside, and practice in your state. The entire process is 100% HIPAA compliant, so your health care information is guarded using the best technology on the market.

Housing Pro 2020 Premium Edition

Your purchase of the Housing Pro 2020 Premium Edition includes the following extras ($295 value):

  • Extended duration letter, extending the letter’s duration from six months to 365 days once issued.
  • Same day letter.
  • Banned breed animal assessment.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Form completion.
  • Landlord / airline verification service.

Additionally, your purchase includes:

  • Proprietary comprehensive intake exam.
  • Industry experts familiar with the laws and rules regulating emotional support animals.
  • Just amazing customer service™.

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There are two related products:

  1. Our budget-friendly version of this product, Housing Pro 2020 Standard Edition.
  2. Housing Pro Classic is a cost-effective assessment-based service.

Our credibility matters down the line.

Our credibility as a reputable provider of emotional support animal services is based upon our client’s trust.

Davida Johnson
Davida J.
Jenna Moldowsky
Jenna M.
I’m so grateful I found ESDA Intl. Both Chaz and the doctor that I worked with were very professional and responsive. I had my letter within a couple of days and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I highly recommend this service!
Amanda Lynch
Amanda L.
The process with ESA doggy was simple, straight forward and professional. The manager is a kind man who is a good listener.

Don't get scammed

With so many choices and options available, how do you know which online ESA company is right for you? As experts in the field, we urge anyone interested in their first emotional support animal letter to do some homework.

Read our top seven mistakes to avoid when buying an ESA letter. Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do!

Additional services

From a next day appointment to having our provider chat with your landlord – with our additional services you can custom tailored to fit your needs.

Need to schedule a quicker appointment?

Certain restrictions apply.

Will you be staying in a hotel?

Our exclusive hotel travel letter — for those travelers needing hotel accommodations with their assistance animal. $189 if purchased alone.

For clients seeking both housing & travel letters.

Includes travel assessment, letter, airline forms.

Do you have an second animal that needs to be qualified?

For those clients qualifying a second assistance animal.

Client is under 18 years of age.

If the client is a minor, a special assessment is required.