Professional Services

$279 USD $169.09 USD

Housing Pro 2020 ™

No short cuts, no gimmicks, we do everything by the book. It’s the reason why our letters always work and people rave about us.

You’re purchasing clinical care time to have your disability-related need for an assistance animal assessed and verified. When appropriate, you will be issued an emotional support animal letter of recommendation. Our behavioral health care provider will be licensed, practicing, and residing in your state or province.

We will donate 1% of your purchase to the Humane Society of the United States.

For adults only.
We do not sell letters for a fee, certificates, registrations, or accessories (leash, collar, harness, etc.).

Additional therapy sessions (recommended).

Purchase additional 30-minute talk therapy sessions.

Professional Services

Earlier appointment.

Certain restrictions apply.

Reasonable Accommodation Form.

Completion of landlord specific documentation.

Additional ESA verification.

For tenants with a second assistance animal.

Banned breed assessment.

Required for tenants/travelers with a pit bull, rottweiler, GSD, husky, and others.

ESAGuard Letter Protection™.

Protect your investment. If your landlord or airline says no, you’ll get a full refund of your fees to boot. Certain restrictions apply.



Your fee includes provider copay, clinical care, assessment, and approval recommendation for those who have a legitimate disability-related need for an assistance animal.

Doing It The Right Way.

Once you place an order and complete our comprehensive intake exam, we'll connect you with a nearby clinical team member.

Your fee includes:

  • Provider copay.
  • Comprehensive intake exam.
  • Additional sessions (continued care) are available for purchase here now, or anytime from the practitioner.
  • The clinician will also assess and verify your disability-related need, and if therapeutically appropriate*, they will issue an emotional support animal letter of recommendation for housing.
  • You'll receive the original hard copy of the letter and a PDF version that can be safely downloaded.
  • You will also have access to industry experts familiar with the laws and rules regulating emotional support animals.

We do not sell letters for a fee, certificates, registrations, or accessories (leash, collar, harness, etc.).

ESA Housing Letters

Emotional support animal letters are issued only to those with a verified need.

  • Issued and signed by a licensed mental health care professional who lives and practices in your state.
  • Delivered via secured HIPAA-compliant download (PDF).
  • Hard copy sent via regular mail.

Letter Indicate

Documents issued by our providers will indicate:

  • Client's disability and disability-related need for the assistance animal.
  • How the assistance animal ameliorates the client's disability.
  • Which major life activities are significantly impacted.
  • What reasonable accommodation request the client is seeking.

Indiana and Illinois Residents

To comply with Indiana and Illinois state law, the purchase of two additional sessions are required.