Emotional Support Animal Letter


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You’re purchasing clinical care time to verify your disability-related need for an assistance animal. Limit two animals (common household pets only, no reptiles) per customer/household. Banned breeds are welcome.

If you’ve not yet secured your assistance animal, but need documentation before hand, not a problem, we’ve got you covered. Our clinicians are evaluating your disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal, regardless if you have a furry friend by your side or not. After you adopt, we can update your letter to include the animal’s information.

Letters (one each per animal) are issued on the clinician’s letterhead and include licensing details and information for further correspondence. Your clinician will be based, licensed, and practicing in your state.

Travel Letter

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Reasonable Accommodation Form.

Completion of landlord specific documentation.

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Very strict protected health information disclosure guidelines apply.

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Your fee includes clinical care, assessment, and approval recommendation for those who have a legitimate disability-related need for an assistance animal.

Open to US-residents only.

ESA Housing Letters

Emotional support animal letters are issued only to those with a verified need.

  • Each approved assistance animal will receive a letter of recommendation.
  • Maximum two animals per customer.
  • Common household pets only, no reptiles.
  • Issued and signed by a licensed mental health care professional who lives and practices in your state.
  • Delivered via secured HIPAA-compliant download (PDF).
  • Hard copy sent via regular mail.

Letter Indicate

Documents issued by our providers will indicate:

  • Client's disability and disability-related need for the assistance animal.
  • How the assistance animal ameliorates the client's disability.
  • Which major life activities are significantly impacted.
  • What reasonable accommodation request the client is seeking.

Psychiatric Service Dog Letter of Recommendation

Please remember that a PSD recommendation is contingent on your animal being trained to do work or tasks to assist with your disability, and trained to properly behave in public.

Learn more.

Indiana and Illinois Residents

To comply with Indiana and Illinois state law, the purchase of two additional sessions are required.