Housing Pro (Canada) 2020 ™ Extended Edition

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Updated August 7, 2020.
For new and existing clients.
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Housing Pro 2020 fully complies with recently updated US Fair Housing Act guidance that requires providers to have “personal knowledge” of the client’s disability and an “ongoing treating relationship.”

Complying with the latest federal guidance, the full-featured Housing Pro 2020 Extended Edition is your total emotional support animal care system.

Your purchase includes nearly $300 in extra features, and two therapeutic care sessions with a licensed clinician in your area.

For adults only.

Expedited Appointment

Earlier appointment.

Certain restrictions apply.

Travel Assessment (ES-0093)

Travel documents.

Includes travel assessment, travel letter, hotel letter, and airline forms.

Second animal.

Assess a second animal.

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Your fee includes provider copay, clinical care and assessment, approval recommendation for an emotional support animal housing letter, and:

Clinical Care and Assessment.

Your purchase also includes:

  • Clinical assessment of your “disability and disability-related need” for the assistance animal.
  • Three 30-minute secured video-based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy sessions with a licensed professional.
  • The third 30-minute session, six months down the road, extends the letter’s duration to 365 days once issued.

Also Included

Your purchase of the Housing Pro 2020 Extended Edition includes the following extras ($295 value):

  • Three-day expedited assessment.
  • Extended duration (one year) letter.
  • Banned breed animal assessment.

ESA Housing Letters

Our emotional support animal letters have been developed over the past five years by industry experts and comply with all Federal and state requirements, and is:

  • Issued and signed by a licensed mental health care professional who lives and practices in your state.
  • Good for six months (can be extended for another six months, additional fee would apply).
  • Delivered via secured download (PDF), hard copy option available (additional fee would apply).
  • Available within one to two business days after approval (same day option available, additional fee would apply).
  • Written on the provider's business letterhead, the document contains every element required by law (including contact and license information).

Letter Indicate

Documents issued by ESAD Int'l will indicate:

  • Client's disability and disability-related need for the assistance animal.
  • How the assistance animal ameliorates the client's disability.
  • Therapist's personal knowledge of the client's disability.
  • An ongoing treating relationship.
  • Which major life activities are significantly impacted.
  • What reasonable accommodation request the client is seeking.

Standards Adherence

What first started in California has swept across the nation. Housing providers are now applying much stricter guidelines to approving a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal. When considering the reliability of letters submitted, some of the factors considered include:

  • Extent of the provider’s knowledge about the individual.
  • Nature of their professional relationship.
  • Whether that relationship is of an ongoing therapeutic nature.
  • Basis for the assessment of the individual.
  • Specificity of the letter.
  • Basis of the assessment that the animal will ameliorate symptoms.

Our clients aren’t just “buying a letter from us,” they’re buying all that goes into the best emotional support animal products on the market. Our letters flat out work.

So, why don’t we sell a $79 letter?

Enjoy Extended Protection

Your dog or cat is qualified as an emotional support animal, not a service animal.