ESA Housing & Travel Assessment


Emotional Support Animal letters of recommendation (“ESA letters”) level the playing field, protecting individuals from “no-pets allowed” policies that can otherwise restrict your housing options, and will widen your options for air travel.

Order both assessments and save a bundle!


  • Assessment by licensed mental health professional who will qualify/issue emotional support animal letter
  • Mental health professional will be located in your state/area
  • You can breathe easier, knowing our HIPAA-compliant service safely collects client data
  • Discounted annual renewals
  • Animal allowed in no-pets-allowed policy with pet-rules (fees, deposits) waived
  • Letter securely delivered electronically and via US mail
  • Only one ESA dog or cat will qualify for travel (no peacocks, turkeys, or other such nonsense)
  • Two ESAs allowed for housing (restrictions apply, you’ll need to justify the need for the second ESA)
  • Instructional guides

Therapeutic Care

As our letters comply with every written element required by Federal law, most landlords will gladly accept our ESA letter as is, without any need for verification.

However, due to the practices of Internet ESA letter-mills, a rapidly growing number of housing providers are now demanding proof of a therapeutic relationship. By itself, an emotional support animal assessment does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. By purchasing these sessions (obtained anytime), you establish an ongoing therapeutic relationship with your therapist.

Order NOW! and save $10. You must purchase therapeutic care sessions along with your ESA assessment service at the same time.

Airline Travel Form

If you’re traveling on the following airlines, mental health care providers must now certify the passenger/client is under their care and treatment. Certain airlines also require a signed travel form (airline specific).

Early Bird Renewal

Save 50% on the cost of yearly letter renewals.

Reasonable Accommodation Form

Many landlords require their “reasonable accommodation form” to be completed and signed by a licensed clinician.

Expedited Processing Fee

Typical turnaround is usually three to five business days. Expedited service fulfills the order within three business days (not counting weekends and holidays).