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Can I sue my landlord for ESA Discrimination?

Believe you are a victim housing discrimination because you need to live with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)? Thinking of filing a complaint with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)?

Do you know even where to start? Should you even start? Do you have any idea where to go from here?

Fair Housing Act for ESAs.

Eventually, if your complaint is accepted (and that’s a big IF), an investigating state/federal civil rights agency will:

  • conduct a thorough investigation
  • determine if you’ve been subjected to a fair housing violation
  • potentially award you the accommodation and damages

That’s the good news.

The reality is- HUD’s investigation time varies based upon volume and region- some complaints are investigated in only a matter of weeks, others can take months. The advantage certainly goes to the person who knows what HUD likes to read in the complaint.

So, the question still remains, should you file a fair housing complaint alleging emotional support animal discrimination?

Do landlords have to accept emotional support animals?

With Free Analysis, your emotional support animal housing situation is examined by our proprietary analytical tool. Drawing upon our team’s extensive experience with the administrative filing of hundreds of HUD complaints, our tool provides helpful facts and examples based on your responses.

Certapet letter denied?

To begin, simply complete our online questionnaire that was developed by experts in the fair housing business and designed to help consumers better understand which issues the US Dept of HUD will most likely focus upon during an investigation of a fair housing complaint involving an emotional support animal.

We’ll provide you with an instructional guidebook and worksheet to help you prepare and support your effort.

For those with no experience dealing with fair housing violations (aka almost everyone), our Free Analysis service is an excellent educational tool.

How this works.

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