FHA – Landlord ESA Denial Response Tool (Consumer)

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Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal?

Was your emotional support animal or service dog rejected by your property, landlord, or homeowners association (HOA)? Do you believe you’re a victim of housing discrimination? Have you finally decided to file a fair housing complaint?

That’s good news for you! But here’s the reality…

HUD’s investigation time varies based upon volume and region – some complaints are investigated in only a matter of weeks, others can take months.

Can an apartment complex deny an ESA?

Did you know there’s a possible middle ground?

A place where, with just the “right motivation,” your landlord may be willing to agree to your accommodation request.

That middle ground might just save you lots of time and aggravation.

So, just what is the right motivation?

In our experience, the middle ground between walking away and filing a HUD-complaint involves a tenant-directed letter to their housing provider. In that letter, the tenant suggests the landlord’s current practice(s) violate the Fair Housing Act, while offering the best course of action would be to approve the tenant’s reasonable accommodation request.

That’s a win-win for everyone. Tenants begin to enjoy the accommodation benefits, while both tenant and landlord avoid the fair housing complaint process.

And, how do you go about doing that?

Using our Landlord ESA Denial Response Tool, we’ll gather information about your situation, and provide an instructional landlord letter that may give you the edge.

Who would benefit from our Landlord ESA Denial Response Tool?

Our Landlord ESA Denial Response Tool may help if you’ve been denied reasonable accommodations due to any of the following:

  • ESA status: landlord only accepts service animals
  • Landlord requires service dog certificate, registration, or training
  • Animal’s breed, weight, or size
  • Charged pet fees, rent, or deposit
  • Denied access to common areas: pool, fitness center, use of property restrictions

The best strategy is to cover all your bases at once.

How long will it take until your landlord grants the accommodation request? Every landlord reacts differently to accommodation requests and even to fair housing complaints.

If your accommodation request is being ignored or was unfairly denied, then you should strongly consider filing a fair housing complaint at the same time you complete the Landlord ESA Denial Letter.

Remember, a fair housing complaint can be withdrawn if the Landlord ESA Denial Letter is successful.

How this works.

  1. Place an order.
  2. You’ll complete our Free Analysis Assessment.
  3. You’ll complete our Landlord ESA Denial Response Tool.
  4. Our instructional guidebook, along with an example landlord letter suitable for situations like yours will be emailed to you, usually within a few hours.

With our strict privacy guidelines, you can rest assured knowing we’ll never lease, rent or sell your confidential information.


If you believe you have been subjected to housing discrimination, instead of waiting for a result before moving forward with the complaint, you can always file a free HUD fair housing complaint while using this service.


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