Travel Assessment & Session

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ESAD Housing Assessment BoxartThanks to the emotional support peacock, squirrel, and snake, traveling by air with your emotional support animal has become more time-consuming and more expensive. Most airlines now require mental health care providers to certify the passenger is currently undergoing professional care for ongoing treatment regarding a mental health-related disability.


Travel assessment & 30-minute clinical care session.

Session time: 50 minutes
Note taking: 10 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes

$220 $169

Airline Telephone Verification

Clinician time: 25 minutes, 5 minutes for note taking.


Appointment (Three Business Days)

Requests on a non-expedited basis are usually completed in five business days, excluding mailing time. With ESAD Express service, we will complete your assessment within three business days (not counting weekends, and holidays).

Certain terms and restrictions apply.


Communicate your way.

Talk to your counselor however you feel comfortable.

Need to schedule a quicker appointment?

Orders are completed within five to eight business days. Same day orders must be placed by 10am. Saturday orders must be placed by 5pm EST prior business day. Subject to therapist availability. Excluding Sundays and holidays.

Upgrade the “look and feel” of your letter.

Give your letter instant wow appeal with our ESAD Pro Series letterhead. Includes a hard copy sent to you via regular postal mail.

Will you be staying in a hotel?

Our exclusive hotel travel letter — for those travelers needing hotel accommodations with their assistance animal. $189 if purchased alone.

Combo upgrade! Include a housing letter.

For clients seeking both housing & travel letters.

Large / banned breed.

This service is required for those clients qualifying a large/banned breed such as a pit bull, rottweiler, GSD, husky, and others.

For those times when the landlord/airline calls us.

This service must be purchased in order for our therapist to verify an ESA letter when a third-party service contacts us (housing provider, airline, third-party verification service). We abide by strict US and Canadian privacy laws.

Product Description

This service includes a comprehensive mental health intake with a local, licensed mental health care professional, and an ESA travel letters (and airline forms if needed) for those that qualify.

Documentation verification

Most airlines follow American Airlines‘ ESA documentation validation which includes “contacting your mental health professional.” Given our total compliance with data privacy guidelines, unless a passenger/client purchases the additional airline verification service, our clinicians cannot legally answer any airline queries.


  1. Read: 2019 updated US/Canada airline travel requirements.
  2. The assessment and session will typically last 40-50 minutes, and can be one in one appointment.
  3. Only two signed airline forms per order. Additional forms are available (certain fees will apply).

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