Professional Services

$249 USD $197.07 USD

Updated October 7, 2020.
For new and existing clients.
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Travel Pro 2020

Travel Pro 2020 was developed in accordance with the latest federal and airline mandates, which requires the passenger/client to be under the current care of a licensed provider.

You’re purchasing clinical care time to have your disability-related need for an assistance animal assessed, verified, and treated. When appropriate, you will be issued an emotional support animal letter of recommendation. Our behavioral health care provider will be licensed, practicing, and residing in your state or province.

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For adults only.
We do not sell letters for a fee, certificates, registrations, or accessories (leash, collar, harness, etc.).

Professional Services

Earlier appointment.

Certain restrictions apply.

Professional Services

Housing letter.

Includes assistance animal verification for housing.

Professional Services

Hotel letter.

For travelers needing hotel accommodations with their assistance animal.

Additional Therapy Sessions.

Add more 30-minute talk therapy sessions to your order. Order three (3) sessions, and we’ll include a fourth free of charge.

Banned Breed Needs Assessment.

Includes pit bull, rottweiler, GSD, husky, and others.

For those times when the landlord/airline calls us.

Certain restrictions apply. Complies with US HIPAA and Canadian PIPEDA guidelines.



Your fee includes provider copay, clinical care and assessment, approval recommendation for an emotional support animal travel letter, and:

  • Provider copay.
  • Comprehensive intake exam.
  • Two 30-minute video sessions with a licensed behavioral care specialist located in your state who will treat your disability-related need for an assistance animal.
  • The clinician will also assess and verify your disability-related need, and if therapeutically appropriate*, they will issue an emotional support animal letter of recommendation.
  • Industry experts familiar with the laws and rules regulating emotional support animals.

ESA Travel Letters

There is no guarantee of receiving an emotional support animal letter.

  • Issued and signed by a licensed mental health care professional who lives and practices in your state or region.
  • Good for one year.
  • Delivered via secured download (PDF), hard copy option available (additional fee would apply).
  • Also included are two completed and signed Medical/Mental Health Professional Forms (aka airline forms).
  • Airline forms can only be signed within 30 days of a completed therapy session.
  • Written on the provider's business letterhead, the document contains every element required by law (including contact and license information).

Letters Indicate

Documents issued by our providers will indicate:

  • Your condition (though not specifically disclosed) is recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
  • You require the animal for either the flight itself or at your final destination.
  • You are under the current professional care of a licensed mental health professional.

Therapeutic Sessions

Both appointments must be completed within 120 days of placing the order.