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A disability verification process is a systemized way of verifying and acquiring the information with regards to proving the truth in a person who is claiming that he is under the disability category.

Before an individual will be able to benefit from the varieties of discounts, offers, services, and programs of the government, s/he must supply sufficient proof that he is indeed a disabled person. A doctor’s note or a diagnostic is an efficient tool to serve as a strong evidence for the benefit claimant.

HIPAA requires licensed practitioners to not overshare, ethically providing the least amount of data necessary when disclosing Protected Health Information (PHI).

Keep in mind, once submitted to an educational institution, your diagnosis will become a permanent part of your mental health record.

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Your fee includes a comprehensive intake exam, two 60-minute clinical care sessions, and one administrative hour with a nearby licensed therapist to legitimately verify your mental health disability.


Documents are issued on the clinician’s letterhead (who is based and practicing in your state/province) and include licensing details and information for further correspondence. Your clinician will be based, licensed, and practicing in your state/province. .

  • Orders include summary report.
  • Long form report.
  • Third-party form completion (additional fees would apply).

Therapeutic Care Sessions.

Clinicians will typically:

  • Over two 60-minute sessions, conduct a thorough assessment of the individual.
  • Spend one administrative hour documenting the client's verified disability.
  • Evaluation of malingering.