Professional Quality of Life Scale (PROQOL)

Consider each of the following questions about you and your current work situation. Select the number that honestly reflects how frequently you experienced these things in the last 30 days.

When you [help] people you have direct contact with their lives. As you may have found, your compassion for those you [help] can affect you in positive and negative ways. Below are some questions about your experiences, both positive and negative, as a [helper].

When taking the ProQOL assessment, please consider the following language substitutions:

  1. *replace person with patient and/or client
  2. **replace people with patients and/or clients

All questions below are required.

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The ProQOL development was directed towards human care providers and therefore the language in the assessment reflects human directed support and care. As the ProQOL is validated as written, we are not at the liberty to modify the language. However, we feel it is important to provide relevancy to those professionals dedicated to animal health and welfare and therefore have provided additional language suggestions applicable to the veterinary profession.

Our screening tests and psychological self-tests are intended for educational purposes only and should not be understood to constitute a diagnosis or healthcare recommendation. Due to the programmatic nature of these tests, scoring errors can and may occur.