Geropsychology – Psychotherapy For Older Adults.

Are your golden years not so golden? Are you facing unexpected changes and losses and struggling to cope? Perhaps you experience health or death anxiety. Psychotherapy can help you deal with those feelings, finding solutions and identifying new perspectives.

According to the New York Times, "Studies have shown that older people do as well in psychotherapy as younger ones. But finding and affording therapy can prove difficult."

The Times reports that one in four people over age 65 said they experienced anxiety or depression in August 2019 — more than double in 2018. Loneliness and isolation have taken a toll on older people, and geriatric psychiatrists anticipate an increase in grief disorders.

What This Helps.

Delivered via a teletherapy setting, geropsychology involves services for older adults and their families, and can help with:

  • Dementia and related lifestyle changes.
  • Changes in decision making or everyday living abilities.
  • Dealing with chronic illness.
  • Insomnia and pain.
  • Loss and grief.
  • Strains related to caregiving.
  • Aging-related stresses including marital/family conflict, and changing roles.
  • End-of-life issues.

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  • Gerontology accredited psychologists licensed, residing, and practicing in your state.
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Geropsychology: It's Your Future.

  • Geropsychology accredited psychologists.
  • Licensed, residing, and practicing in your state.
  • Standardized intake exam.
  • Comprehensive intake assessment.
  • Two 60-minute clinical care sessions.
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