Qualifying Emotional Support Animals

The two co-founders of ESAD Int’l have five rescue dogs, so they understand the love and healing power of animals.

That being said, emotional support animal letters aren’t the last-chance fix for your dog/cat issue. ESA letters weren’t designed to cheat landlords out of deposits or airlines out of fees.

Muffin Top, an 11-ton African Elephant ESA

Maybe we’re biased, and we make no judgment calls here, but we believe peacocks, turkeys, and goats weren’t meant to fly in the main cabin.

We’ve qualified Muffin Top, an 11-ton African Elephant — a so-called needed accommodation in our non-existent 300 sq. ft studio apartment.

Yes, we agree, that’s ridiculous and a good part of why the online ESA draws such blistering scorn and ridicule.

At ESAD, we’ll only qualify dogs, cats, and horses. Sure, that’s a subset allowed under Federal law, but that’s our protocol.

If you’re in need, if you genuinely need help, then we’re here for you.