Referral Acceptance Checklist

As orders are time-sensitive and before we can refer a client to you, these steps must be completed ASAP.

  1. Join and read thru the training articles (in particular, the case management 1/2 and 2/2 articles)
  2. Additionally, make sure to have installed Telegram ( on your desktop/phone. Once installed, please send Chaz Stevens, Founder a Telegram message (954-901-0971).

Once these are completed, please send a note to

Referral processing

Once you’ve completed the above, we’ll be delighted to send a referral your way.

When that happens, we’ll have already transferred the client file to you (found on the IntakeQ dashboard). The first private message to the client contains the order details.

From here, we need you to schedule an appointment with the client (typically set within a day of receiving the order from us).  Next, perform the assessment (intake to outtake is five business days, though we have expedited processing and shipping available. In the case of rush delivery, we’ll let you know up front).

Once you’ve completed the assessment, we’ll take you thru the letter writing process (for approved clients). We’ll be working closely with you during the first order. Feel free to contact me as many times as needed.

Electronic communications

Please use the following electronic means to communicate:

  1. All ESAD team communications take place via Telegram.
  2. All client-based messaging takes place on IntakeQ. Do not email or text-message the client.
  3. Client assessments are done via a HIPAA-compliant web service (Doxy, etc.) or via the telephone.