By law and our protocols, emotional support animal letters retain their validity 12 months after issue. Like your yearly medical checkup, your emotional support animal letter must be reissued every year.

We cannot stress the importance of getting an updated ESA letter.

Per Federal law, an emotional support animal letter is valid only for a year. Also, you’re required to have a letter from a licensed mental health care provider documenting your need for your emotional support animal to accompany you.

Please don’t show up at the airport with an expired letter, as you will not be happy with the results. Likely, you’ll surely be asked to pay a “pet fee.” Additionally, there’s a good chance your animal will be placed in the checked cargo area. In some instances, you may be compelled to leave your emotional support animal behind or leave the flight altogether.

Housing providers have a right to ask you for a yearly updated emotional support animal letter. Outdated letters may result in the rejection of your animal’s ESA qualification, possibly resulting in an accommodation denial.

In the end, without a valid emotional support animal letter, your animal loses its protections granted under Federal law, which can result in lots of embarrassment and hassle for you.

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Our renewal service includes a comprehensive mental health intake exam, video/telephone assessment with a local, licensed mental health care professional, and an ESA letter for those that qualify.

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