Safeguarding Customer Sensitive Information

As we both know, the Internet can be a terrifying place at times, so given that, we take security VERY SERIOUSLY around here.

During a client transaction, ESAD Intl. gathers both PHI (protected health information) and PII (personally identifiable information).

When it comes to the collection and handling of customer-sensitive information, all communications between us, and all of your data, is encrypted.

HIPAA Guidelines

We store all of your PHI on HIPAA-certified servers, managed by HIPAA experts who provide certification, auditing, and a wide-variety of internal measures such as security, encryption, and most importantly (to us), coverage of HIPAA’s section 164 (periodic reviews of compliance and effectiveness).

Payment Card Information

ESAD Intl. understands that you are trusting us with your sensitive payment card information, so we take an active role in fighting payment card data compromise.

Our PCI-certified providers (Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Pay with Google) are industry-leaders responsible for handling every single aspect of your transaction, including maintaining your payment information on their servers.