Don’t Get Scammed

So, if I was shopping online, I’d make sure I could speak with someone at the ESA site. That’s the number one rule — talk to someone, and when (if) you get them on the phone, ask the following:

  1. The location (city) of their clinician(s). Make sure your referring therapist is based and licensed within your state.
  2. Ask for the ESA vendor’s business address. I would verify their location and closely examine their reviews.

At ESAD, we’re driven by rock solid ethics and a global-oriented ethos, and that all starts with:

  1. We employ cutting edge technology to protect your financial and mental health information. Your purchase is protected by $100,000 in identity theft insurance (McAfee) and we use Stripe (the best in the biz) as our credit card processor. We fully comply with federal HIPAA guidelines.
  2. Our intake exam is comprehensive … there’s no shortcut. If you’re not in need, trying to save a few bucks on rent deposits, or the such, you probably should shop elsewhere.
  3. We empower our therapists to say no. Highly trained and familiar with ESA laws and requirements, our clinicians are compensated regardless of the assessment outcome, so there’s no financial benefit to pump out letters.
  4. Developed by attorneys and fair housing experts familiar with federal law, our ESA letters are recognized as being the best in the business.
  5. And lastly, we’re soon to be launching ESA Smart, our online university offering training and certification for professionals who have a career interest in the ESA biz.