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Hotel Pro 2020 ™

With many major hotel chains are updating their pet policies to accommodate guests traveling with an assistance animal, Hotel Pro 2020 help documents a guest’s need for an assistance animal.

Hotel Pro 2020

Not available for for Missouri, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana residents.
For adults only.

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Complete an assessment.

After you place an order, you'll complete our HIPAA-compliant comprehensive online assessment, which is based on the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule.

Engage with an expert.

Finally, you'll engage in therapeutic care with a licensed health care provider via secured video technology.

Anything else?

  1. Cases are typically fulfilled within five to eight days.
  2. Expedited appointments are available.
  3. See if you pre-qualify for an emotional support animal.
  4. We also offer talk therapy.

Our credibility matters down the line.

Our credibility as a reputable provider of emotional support animal services is based upon our client’s trust.

Mayra M.
Mayra M.
I’m very happy with the services provided, my expectations and needs were met in every sense. Chad was great I’m answering my questions! I definitely recommend and will use again if I were to need it.
Aleisha B.
Aleisha B.
Very responsive team and took care of what I needed quickly! Definitely recommend
Brittany M.
Brittany M.
They connected me with a local mental health provider who conducted the "assessment" virtually to ensure the letter is legitimate in my state. Very responsive, quick, and thorough. I completed the screener, ordered, and got my letter all within a week's time. Highly recommend!

Don't get scammed.

Read our top seven mistakes to avoid when buying an ESA letter. Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do!