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ESA Housing Letter Assessment


USD billed annually

If you have an emotional or mental disability and your pet brings you comfort and a new lease on life, then you may be entitled to housing in “no pets” policy buildings. You are also, by law, not required to pay any extra fees for your ESA or have a weight or breed restriction imposed on you.

Don’t bother registering your ESA, that’s meaningless.


  • Assessment by licensed mental health professional who will qualify/issue emotional support animal letter
  • Mental health professional will be located in your state/area
  • You can breathe easier, knowing our HIPAA-compliant service safely collects client data
  • Animal allowed in no-pets-allowed policy with pet-rules (fees, deposits) waived
  • Letters are good for one year
  • Renew annually for $119
  • Letter securely delivered electronically and via US mail
  • Two ESAs included (restrictions apply, you’ll need to justify the need for the second ESA)
  • Instructional guides

The 100% Safe ESA Letter Service

Our direct and straight-forward process is designed to connect patients with licensed mental health care professionals.

About ESADoggy

We both know an animal's companionship, and unconditional affection can bring happiness to a family or a person’s life.; this can be especially true for those struggling with anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, sleep issues, and other recognized emotional disabilities.

Through a mental health care provider-issued letter of recommendation, these animals are a practical treatment option, bringing comfort and help minimize negative symptoms associated with a wide variety of emotional disabilities.

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