Caring for those in the caring business.

Absorbing trauma through a client’s eyes and ears.

Compassion Fatigue Counseling

Also known as secondary stress reaction and second-hand shock, veterinary compassion fatigue describes a type of stress experienced by animal clinic staffers who have by traumatized or are under significant emotional duress.

Compassion fatigue is the negative aspect of helping those who experience traumatic stress and suffering.

The ProQOL is the most commonly used measure of the negative and positive affects of helping others who experience suffering and trauma.

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ESAD Platinum Offers In-person Therapy

Now available in limited cities across America and Canada, ESAD Platinum clients meet face-to-face with mental health care professionals who believe the emotional bond between animal and its handler can help improve one’s self-worth and trust, stabilize emotional well-being, and strengthen self-regulation, communication, and socialization skills.

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