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Housing Letters—

Emotional support animal letters of recommendation (“ESA letters”) level the playing field, protecting individuals from “no-pets-allowed” policies that can otherwise restrict your housing, and while widening your options for air travel.

Travel Letters—

Travel docs include therapeutic assessment, ESA travel letter, signed airline travel form, and 30-minute clinician session. Airlines now mandate passengers traveling with an emotional support animal are under the current care and treatment of a licensed mental health professional.

Cost Effective Packages—

ESA products just got a whole lot easier—and cheaper! We're serving up exclusive deals. It's a match made in bargain-hunting heaven.

All-Inclusive Packages—

We’ve bundled together our most popular products, thrown in some discounts, and removed any uncertainty wondering if you “bought the right package.” So, go ahead and truly relax, because it's all included for one incredible price.

ESADefender Housing—

Introducing ESADefender Housing, for discerning individuals seeking the ultimate residential protection for their emotional support animal. Our ESADefender products were designed with your needs in mind, including the most important benefit of all – peace of mind.

Signature Series products contain everything you'd need, while our Premium Packages are a more cost-effective solution.

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Yearly Renewals—

Make sure you, your family, and your emotional support animal stays covered by renewing your ESAD products.