Discrimination Tools

Housing discrimination is discrimination in which an individual or family is treated unequally when trying to buy, rent, lease, sell or finance a home based on certain characteristics, such as race, class, sex, religion, national origin, and familial status

At ESAD, we provide DIY tools to help you deal with possible emotional support animal housing discrimination.

Landlord Deny Your ESA—

Did your apartment deny your emotional support animal? Thinking of filing a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)?

Do you know even where to start? Should you even start? Do you have any idea where to go from here?

Get a free analysis today.

ESA Housing Discrimination—

Are you confused, wonder how to deal with this situation? Are you hoping, with just the right “motivation,” your landlord may be willing to agree to your accommodation request.

Introducing our Landlord Mitigation Tool for consumers. And for attorneys, we also offer a pro-version.

Complaint Builder—

Often, people may have a viable basis for a housing discrimination complaint, but incorrectly believe crafting/filing a complaint requires a lawyer’s assistance. As a result, concerns over legal fees may keep some from following through with their claim.

Fortunately, our Complaint Builder service helps fill in this gap.

Victim of ESA Housing Discrimination—

Believe you're a victim housing discrimination because you've run into problems living with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?


The ESAD Certified Provider program administers emotional support animal training to mental health professionals, real estate agents, and rescue organizations in all 50 states.