Emotional Support Animal Letters

You’re not buying a letter from us, you’re engaging with a licensed clinician who will clinically assess/treat your emotional support needs. And if that professional believes you’d benefit from having an assistance animal to help reduce the effects/symptoms of your disability, then the clinician would be able to issue the proper documents.

With over 1,100 clinicians across the globe, we're fully HIPAA-compliant and our highly-trained experts are available live to answer your questions.

ESA Letters for Housing and Work

From $189

If you have an emotional disability and your animal helps you deal with your struggles, then you and your furry friend are entitled to live in “no pets allowed” housing.

Housing Letter Packages

From $418

For discerning individuals seeking the ultimate protection for their emotional support animal. Our products were designed with your needs in mind, including the most important benefit of all – peace of mind.

ESA Letters for Travel

From $239

Fly hassle-free with your pet, so long as you have secured the correct ESA letter from a qualified mental health professional.

Travel Letter Packages

From $347