Therapist Information Received

Next, we need to add you to our electronic rolodex (using the password “doggy”). When you have a minute, please visit that link and fill in your information (name, phone, license, etc.). That will get you into our system and let us create your personalized letter library.

Once completed, take your time to walk through our onboarding process (using the password “doggy”).

Then, what’s next?

The next step for my team is to complete the hiring phase. That should be in a few weeks. As we roll off that project, we’re going to focus our efforts on content building.

In particular, we’re going to lay down a whole bunch of content centered around each therapist’s region. We’re also going to start pushing our media contacts.

Lots of work, but worth it, as the end result is sustainable SEM (Search Engine Marketing) — aka inbound marketing.

Stand by, we’re on it.


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