Travel & Housing Assessment

If you have an emotional or mental disability and your pet brings you comfort and a new lease on life, then you may be entitled to housing in “no pets” policy buildings. You are also, by law, not required to pay any extra fees for your ESA or have a weight or breed restriction imposed on you.

Don’t bother registering your ESA, that’s meaningless.

Traveling with your emotional support animal without any additional fee or costs is allowed by airline carriers if you have an ESA letter. However, you have to comply with some requirements.

All airlines require your ESA to be well behaved in public and calm on the plane.

  • Assessment by licensed mental health professional who will qualify/issue emotional support animal letter
  • Mental health professional will be located in your state/area
  • You can breathe easier, knowing our HIPAA-compliant service safely collects client data
  • Discounted annual renewals
  • Animal allowed in no-pets-allowed policy with pet-rules (fees, deposits) waived
  • Letter securely delivered electronically and via US mail
  • Only one ESA dog or cat will qualify for travel (no peacocks, turkeys, or other such nonsense)
  • Two ESAs allowed for housing (restrictions apply, you’ll need to justify the need for the second ESA)
  • Instructional guides