Hurricane Florence Preparedness Guide for Pets

When nature calls, and this time it’s Hurricane Florence on the horn, we’re hoping you have an exit plan that includes your whole family (along with your furry friends).

Here’s a couple of tips we’ve found useful.

If you have to go, what do you do with Fido?

Maybe you can stash the pup with your friends, perhaps there’s a local shelter or animal clinic that’s offering temporary housing for your pets.

Make that call now, before it gets too crazy.

Leaving town in the family truckster?

Make sure you have a handy travel carrier, and perhaps those crate training lessons you did back in the day will now come in handy.

Papers please!

Make sure everything’s up to date – microchips, shots, and tags — just in case Mr. Mittens makes a break for it.


I have a go-bag, do you?

What’s inside of your travel bag?  For a starter, here’s a few ideas:

  • food and water (also dishes)
  • extra leash
  • flashlight
  • medications

Leaving on a plane?

Are you headed out of town via the airport? Make sure you’re ESA travel papers are up to par! We’re offering a 10% discount on our storm travel package. There are a limited number of animals allowed per flight and our storm travel packages will sell out fast.